Feeding America West Michigan

Feb 28, 2017

Feeding America West Michigan is a local food bank that works with farmers, manufactures, distributors, and retailers to provide food to those in need all around Michigan.  They have a single, simple mission:  To ensure safe food is available to the hungry in their community.

Last year alone, Feeding America West Michigan provided 28.9 million pounds of food, equivalent to 24 million meals, to over 400,000 individuals in need.  Their Mobile Food Pantry Program also provides food directly to those in need around West Michigan to help make safe food more accessible to those in our community.  Feeding American West Michigan works tirelessly with agencies around the country, and most of all, local volunteers, to ensure that no child, parent, grand parent, or individual goes without a safe meal.

In our goal to help those in need in West Michigan, we at WMTS have chosen to work with Feeding America West Michigan this month to help them provide food in need to our neighbors.  Ken and his staff are a dedicated group of individuals that put their hearts into what they do and we would like to ask anyone who is able, to donate what they can to support their endeavor.  Unable to donate financially?  That’s fine!  One hour of volunteer time itself can pay for 165 meals to those struggling and in need!

Every minute and dollar counts, and as a thank you to anyone who donates their time or money, we will add your name to our charity prize drawing on Wednesday, April 5th. This month’s prize is going to be 4 tickets to the Grand Rapids Griffins Game (Friday, April 14th) and a $25 VISA gift card to cover your $2 Beer and $2 Hot Dogs! These are amazing tickets in the lower bowl just 4 rows back from the glass, near center ice! Use the donate buttons above or below to donate to our custom page or send us a photo of you volunteering your time at Feeding America West Michigan to be entered!  Again,  West Michigan Technology Services would like to thank everyone who took even a moment to watch our video or donate to Feeding America West Michigan.  You truly are helping to make our community a better place.

**A special thanks to Delago Insurance for providing this month’s prize drawing reward!