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West Michigan Technology Services

Nestled within Grand Rapids, West Michigan Tech Services (WMTS) is your dedicated IT partner known for propelling small businesses toward success. Established in 2011, we are acclaimed for our unswerving commitment to equipping small businesses with outstanding IT support.

Our reputation is built on the pillars of reliability and exceptional customer service. We’ve earned our client’s trust by being swift to respond, always available, and readily stepping beyond the call of duty — whether that involves late-night meetings to resolve computer viruses or continuous system monitoring to mitigate potential threats.

Leading our team is Rick, whose depth of knowledge, professionalism, and friendly demeanor is a hallmark of the WMTS experience. From rapidly fixing computers on short notice to reorganizing and upgrading network systems, Rick and the team embody the core ethos of WMTS — commitment, capability, and customer-centricity.


At WMTS, every client is a top-tier client, regardless of size. From managing intricate IT infrastructures to translating tech jargon into everyday language, we ensure our clients are never left in the dark regarding their IT concerns.

Our relationships with clients are deep-rooted and built on trust. As we’ve grown with our clients, we’ve adapted our services to meet their changing needs. This dedication to growth and adaptability, underpinned by our genuine interest in our client’s success, distinguishes us in the dynamic realm of technology.

Choose West Michigan Tech Services, and you’re opting for an IT partner that truly cares, delivers on its promises, and empowers your small business to soar. We’re not just your IT service provider but a steadfast pillar in your business growth story.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the leading sources of IT support in West Michigan with a recognized brand name and a reputation for excellence. We are a growing team of well-trained individuals that believe in a culture of mutual respect, professionalism, and understanding for clients while demonstrating honesty, integrity, and living by the “Golden Rule.” We maintain a friendly, family environment that allows our staff the flexibility to achieve a healthy balance of work and life.

Protect Your Business Now!

Don’t let IT issues stall your success. Secure your business now with our expert IT support, ensuring you’re always up, running, and ready for growth.

Meet the expert agents

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David Hall

Business Manager

Connie Taylor

Operational Manager